An Cailleach

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An Cailleach

'An Cailleach' translates to'The Witch' is a divine hag among the most ancient dieties venerated in Ireland:

She whose realm lies in the ice and cold of winter.

Once it was said that she ruled all the world.

When the green things slept for untold aeons beneath her thick icy cloak, until she was given cause for great sorrow and wept floods across the land.

Her heart melting to a thaw and letting loose the rivers.

As she wept she dropped many large rocks from her apron which became mountains and hills, and her hammer shaped the valleys below.

Some even go so far as to say that from her sprang all the spirits and Sidhe of the world.

She grows old in the Autumn and becomes younger as the Winter passes, until Spring she relinquishes her hold and lets he Summer flowers blossom.