Cailleach Candles


How long will my order take?

As each candle is made when you order I need 3 days before I can ship it.

Irish post runs from Monday to Friday.

Estimated Shipping Times

Ireland 1-3 business days

North America 2-3 business weeks

Europe & UK 5-7 business days

Australia, New Zealand & Oceania 2-3 business weeks

Asia 2-3 business weeks

Should I remove the Crystal before I burn the candle?

As the crystals I use are small this is entirely up to you. But if you get a candle with a large crystal I recommend it be removed as it can interfere with the wick. 

Are your candles Vegan?

Yes, I use 100% soy wax which is derived from vegetables, it is non-toxic, burns longer and hold their scent longer.

If you have any other questions feel free to message me!