Beltane is a Celtic celebration that marks the start of summer, on May 1st(November 1st in the Southern Hemisphere).

It's a time for rituals that promote fertility, love and balance. For some it is known as the Festival of Fire because large bonfires were lit to symbolically purify, revitalize and bless nearby farms and herds.

Women who wanted to get pregnant would build a small fire in a cauldron, which was a representation of the womb, and would jump over it. Or for some, fertility could be for the mind and creativity.

Beltane today is a time to embrace our own sexuality and to rethink our relationships. Beltane is a reminder that self-acceptance is important to the creation of safe, productive relationships.

I have a few rituals for you along with some Beltane correspondence that might help encourage your own rituals!

Beltane Rituals

  • Take a walk in a forest, feel connected

  • Craft a mini Maypole

  • Set your altar for summer

  • Sex magic will be very powerful

Beltane Rituals in Quarantine

  • Instead of a huge bonfire you could light some candles or incense

  • Take care of yourself, IE. Take a bath, eat fresh foods that you love

  • Do something for your family or friends to so your love for them

Beltane Correspondences


  • Dandelions;Wishes, To send a message to a loved one, blow at the seed head in their direction and visualize the message

  • Violets;Luck and Lust

  • Lemon Balm;Love, Success and Healing


  • Honey; Energy and Life

  • Strawberries; Love and Luck

  • Ginger; Success and Power


  • Rose Quartz; Unconditional Love, Compassion and Harmony

  • Malachite; Peace and Protection

  • Emerald; Love and Money

Enjoy this Magickal start to the summer and stay safe.

Love and Light,

Nola x

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