The New Moon

The New Moon is the start of a new Lunar Cycle.

It brings a fresh start, lots of positive energy and new transitions.

The New Moon is the perfect time to celebrate all that we've been through the last lunar cycle and to release and let go of anything that doesn't serve you anymore.

As the moon is at it's darkest it calls us to look inward and reflect, listen to your intuition and align with your higher self.

'You are never too old to set another goal or dream a new dream'

-C.S. Lewis

If you're unsure of rituals to do for the New Moon, I've made a small list of things I like to do.

New Moon Rituals

  • Meditation is a great start to help you focus on what you want from this new lunar cycle.

  • Cleasing your space and yourself will rid of any negativity from the last cycle that you do not wish to carry forward.

  • Journaling for the New Moon is my favourite ritual to do. It's so simple but effective.

  • If your short on time, simply light a candle and just think about what you want from this new cycle or what your goals are for it.

Here's a few journal prompts I like to use:

  • What energy do I want to embody this month?

  • What intentions do I need to let go of?

  • How do I want to feel this month?

  • What's working/not working for me?

Enjoy this new lunar cycle,

Love and Light,

Nola x

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