Each clamshell pot is filled with 80grams of scented wax


Imbolc is scented with Rhubarb + Elderflower, mouthwatering feast

Ostara is the floral smell of Violet, Lily + Roses

Beltane has the yummy smell of Almond Milk

Litha is a lovely summery scent of Wild Frangpani

Lammas smells of the gorgeous sweet treat that is Salted Caramel

Mabon; Warm Sandalwood, the ideal mood in your home for relaxing and unwinding

Samhain; Pumpkin Spice, the essential Autumnal fragrance

Yule is full of Festive Cheer with Mulled Wine


Some information on the recycling of clamshells: 

During our research into the wonderful world of clamshells, we discovered they are only recyclable if they can be put in the recycle bin and they can only go in the recycling bin if the appropriate recycling symbol is on them, otherwise the recycling depots have no way of determining what type of material has been used to make the clamshell and sadly they are then sent to general waste and not recycled.


Knowing this, we then investigated the main material used for clamshell manufacture being PVC and were surprised to learn that currently PVC is not household recyclable (even when the recycling symbol being the little triangle with number 3 is present). As such we have chosen to use PET for our clamshells, which is the most readily household recycled plastic at 92% throughout the UK. On the bottom of our clamshells, you will find the recycling triangle with the number 1 which represents PET and lets the recycling depots know they can be easily recycled. 


We feel this is a step in the right direction by providing a truly recyclable option.

Sabbat Wax Melts