This candle is inspired by the Irish author Naomi Kellys's debut book 'Trial by Obsidian'


About the Candle

Be swept away by the rich, warm, comforting blend of amber essence, patchouli, vetiver and pine. This complex aroma is balanced with a touch of floral accords and finishes with musk and vanilla for a stunning fragrance journey.

Top Notes: Orange, Spicy

Middle Notes: Amber Essence, Floral, Pine

Base Notes: Musk, Vanilla, Patchouli, Vetiver

100% Soy Wax poured in a stunning 160ml frosted glass jar topped with an Obsidian Stone, a wooden lid and packaged in a beautiful gift box


About the Book
The poverty-stricken southern lands of Deshure have kept Juniper Obsidian hidden all her life. Her concealed identity kept her safe. Until now. The northern lands of Sinlara are home to the Chambers. Here rules are enforced and wars are waged, but since the end of the War fifteen years ago things have been quiet. That is until they get their hands on Juniper.
When an enemy who has an uncertain a past as she does a future offers her help, Juniper must question what really makes us who we are? Can she trust the man before her?
Is there more to loyalty than a boarder? More to family than a blood-line?
The time has come where she must learn to stand and fight.
Hiding is no longer an option.

Trial by Obsidian

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